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I'm pretty sure I had reached my 5 hour annoying phase here.   Yep, I definitely had  .

I'm pretty sure I had reached my 5 hour annoying phase here. Yep, I definitely had.

Do you like 5 star luxury? Roughing it in a beach shack? Being amongst nature, or staying in a highrise next to a shopping mall? Roadtrips or jumping on a plane to your destination?

Or a mixture of all of the above?

As I am getting older (pass me my walking cane please), I've decided I much prefer having an element of nature at my doorstep- whether it be a good beach, a mountain backdrop, or a national forest close by. This holiday definitely had a mixture of all of the above. We travelled to Palm Springs (desert), Phoenix (city), Sedona (red rocks and national parks), Vegas (say no more), Ojai (peaceful small country town), Los Angeles (city, shopping and beach mix) and our last stop Fiji- (100% chill out beach destination).

When we set out to do a roadtrip around America, I didn't realise just how much I would love it. Sure we had done a couple before, but nothing like what we experienced this trip. The main difference was visiting places we hadn't seen before- which added an element of the unknown and excitement. Secondly, our destinations were decided (fairly) late in the game-  which essentially meant I didn't have time to over analyze and plan out every fine detail- yes, call me a control freak when it comes to over planning holidays. I normally have an itinerary jam packed full of ideas and places to see because I want to make good use of every moment. "At 10:16am we have a drink here, at 10.23am we go to this shop..."- you get the drift. Obviously not this bad, but close to it!

So we hit the open road with lots of yummy snacks (special mention to Trader Joe's dried mango- I could write a whole post on this product alone), good music and windows wound all the way down. Breathing in the hot dry desert air- luckily for the most part it was perfect weather. My husband decided 6 hours straight was his comfortable driving limit each day- by around 5 hours in the car I started to get squirmy in my seat and generally just annoying to deal with (poor Jase). We always left mid-morning to avoid peak hour traffic and arrived mid afternoon, so we could see our new destinations in the daylight. There is something about arriving at night that just bugs me- like I'm wasting valuable exploring time. Besides these couple of points, we just went with the flow. And boy was it FUN.

Our adventure was full of amazing hotels in perfect locations, fantastic food and INCREDIBLE scenery. You can't ask for more than that, can you? Ok- maybe you could ask for it to be paid in full by Donald Trump, but besides that minor issue we can't complain.

Which brings me to my next thought bubble. Our next holiday..... (--is there a word for someone with a severe travel addiction?- If so, I'm adding it as my middle name on my birth certificate- scrap that, make that my first name). The trouble is deciding on a place to visit- woe is me, right?  If anyone has any stand out recommendations I would love to hear them!

Also- If you have any questions regarding our trip, please feel free to message me through facebook. For those of you not following on Instagram-  my user name is: imoutoftheoffice (yeah, shock horror- how would you have ever guessed?), or follow this link http://instagram.com/imoutoftheoffice. There will be a lot more reviews coming over the next few weeks on my website- www.outoftheoffice.com.au so stayed tuned and thanks for reading!