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In consideration of recent events, I just want to mention this is just a light-hearted, tongue in cheek post.

DOES IT EVER MAKE YOU WONDER? A few travel questions that have me rather stumped.

- As a general rule of thumb, travellers are not allowed to bring anything sharp onboard- this even goes as far as tweezers- which is fine by me, my eyebrows don't grow at an alarmingly fast rate that requires them to be plucked every few hours- well, not yet anyway. This all makes perfect sense ........... until I realise people up in first class are drinking out of glass champagne flutes and eating meals with metal knives? HUH? Are they saying only economy class travellers pose a threat to the aircraft, or am I missing something??

- WHY is it that no matter how many layers of clothes I wear onboard, I end up freezing, teeth chattering, feeling like I'm in Iceland? There is obviously controlled heating onboard- does anyone else feel this deathly cold, or do I have a severe thyroid problem that I need to get checked? Maybe the crew want our body temperature to drop so low, that it puts us into a deep comatose-like sleep for the entire long haul flight? When I take a quick look around the cabin, nobody else seems to be bothered with the sub zero arctic temperature that we have to endure for 14 hours straight. All the while, I'm just hoping the icicles that have formed on my nostrils will defrost in time for landing and I will regain (consciousness?) feeling in my toes.

- WHY I'm always the one to be randomly picked for the swab particle test when passing through security, when my husband never gets tested. Quite frankly, I think Jase looks more suspicious than me- way more suspicious. Sorry Jase. (Last time we left Australia, the man at immigration LAUGHED at his passport photo. No exaggeration- actually laughed out loud). Admittedly Jase's expression is rather "unusual"- ie: it looks like he sat down on a thumbtack or piece of lego and then saw the ghost of Ned Kelly appear. Needless to say, he can't wait for 2018 to roll around for a new snap- where he will enlist the help of professional photographers & makeup artists, to have him looking his best.

- WHY the airlines don't put a toilet brush in the toilet cubicle on board a plane. Don't think this one needs further explanation.

- WHY planes can't be fitted out with personal hygiene dispensers- including nappy dispensers- in case of emergencies where you fall just one short. I've always thought there is a big gap in the market there- don't go stealing my idea people!

- WHY when you are travelling in to Europe you don't need to fill our ANY paperwork ( I mean NADA. Nothing). They don't care if you are here for holiday, business, to stay 10 months, or to buy the Eiffel tower. These are some friendly Europeans! It takes me more paperwork just to leave my own country.

- WHY airlines don't have a (paid) massage therapist on board. Sure this sounds a bit indulgent, but hear me out. Not only are you feeling achey and horrible- especially if flying economy- but massage has been proven to be very beneficial to improving blood flow and preventing DVT. I have a feeling this isn't something that is too far off to be honest (if it isn't done already?). Especially in business and first class.

- WHY some airlines ( Fiji Airways/ Emirates) don't allow people (read: ME!!) to book exit row seats, even when I'm willing to hand over cash to secure them. Being close to 6ft this is kind of a make or break for me...and I have chosen other airlines over it (Qantas/ Singapore).

- WHY anyone in their right mind would hand over 96,000 Qantas points + $850 in taxes, for a return SYD-LA flight if booked on frequent flyer points. The current full fare ticket costs $1200. So essentially you are handing over 96,000 points to save $350. WHAAAAT?! Crazy!

Well, that seems to be it for the moment- happy and safe travels everyone. My thoughts are with all those affected by the MH17 tragedy x