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Isn't it just BEAUTIFUL?

Isn't it just BEAUTIFUL?

After I got back from a trip to the States many years ago, I found myself googling things like “cant sleep sitting upright” and “travel pillows that actually work”. Also very reasonable and likely things such as “I never want to travel economy again, how do I become a millionaire” and “befriending the Captain on your flight”.  That was until I stumbled across this awkward looking travel pillow. Laugh all you like (I became the centre of many jokes at home and work!) – but this “unusual” monstrosity of a pillow DOES actually work. My husband Jase legitimately thought I was joking when I purchased it and was mortified when I pulled it out of my bag mid flight and started puffing away to inflate it. It still makes me laugh to think of the look on his face- utter shock and embarrassment.

So, in a nutshell- this is an inflatable pillow you put on your lap. It's massive, lets not beat around the bush. It's the size of a small child. It would definitely come in handy if your plane needed to make an emergency landing in the ocean and all lifeboats were full. Strangely, it only takes a couple of minutes (and a lot of self confidence) to manually inflate and it has a comfortable sloped head rest. It deflates in about 30 seconds, for a quick getaway! You can stack the plane pillow on top, to create the perfect height to lean forward and rest your head on. It provides a comfortable position for those who can't sleep sitting upright- no matter how much you contort and wiggle your body around. I got a few solid hours of sleep- which is lucky, as I didn’t see the whole plane load of people pointing and laughing at me while I was using it. You do get a slightly sore neck when laying on one side for too long- so you need to mix it up a bit and swap sides occasionally. Also, I wouldn’t recommend it for people who are just starting a relationship - this would be a real make or break if you were in the early stages of dating, pulling this baby out! So if you purchase one, heed this warning: you really have to be in a rock solid, "for- better- or- worse" type of relationship. This clearly was one of those moments that fell into the latter category for me. Poor Jase- what next? Will I wear a snuggie on board?--- now there’s an idea!  And yes, I do see the irony after last weeks post: ”How to NOT be THAT traveller”- see post here- (http://www.outoftheoffice.com.au/how-to-not-be-that-traveller/.)  Not great timing on my behalf, was it?

To really get a good idea of just how embarrassing it looks, here is the official website showing the SKYREST in action! Don't say I didn't warn you.....!