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My husband and I left Sedona just before 9am, wanting to get an early start for this leg of our roadtrip. Next stop: Hackberry General Store on Route 66. We were on our way to Vegas and this iconic general store was only a small detour- and one that was very worthwhile. I really have to stress that this is a must do for anyone doing route 66- it's so interesting you'll find it hard to leave!

My first impression when we pulled up: it would be the perfect set to film a horror movie.  You get my drift: a car with a couple of unsuspecting tourists running low on petrol, no mobile phone, pull up to an eerie general store in the middle of nowhere. Oh hold on: that sounds strangely like our predicament. Have I watched too many horror movies?.......Yes, yes I have.

Originally this store was built to provide goods to the growing community of Hackberry just across the railroad tracks. The only other alternative for locals was to travel all the way to Kingman- which could take a day in travel to get to. So as you can imagine, this general store became extremely popular with locals. It was the last business to shut down in the town of Hackberry in late 1978/79. In 1992, Route 66 enthusiast Bob Waldmire purchased the abandoned property and re-opened it as the "Hackberry General Store & Visitor Center". It's now one of the most popular stops on the Route 66 highway- and with good reason!

The store is full of nostalgia- vintage posters, postcards, old rusty cars, tin signs, petrol pumps, a non functioning 50's style diner with jukebox, mannequins, pictures of Elvis and other well known stars, unique souvenirs (old license plate anyone?), overgrown cacti, cows heads (rip), old sheriff cars. You name it- hackberry would have it. This place has so much character, it's hard not to fall in love with it- even if it does feel like a bit eerie.

For more information on Hackberry General store: http://www.hackberrygeneralstore.com/

All photos by Belinda- www.outoftheoffice.com.au