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We left Palm Springs Saturday morning and hit the road for our 4 hour journey to Phoenix. It was a pleasant albeit non-eventful drive. Once again, snacks were plentiful- music was loud- windows were down. The perfect ingredients for any road trip, I say. It was close to 40 degrees- so once again, hair and makeup were a total mess- which goes without saying. I was slightly hungover- which also goes without saying. Oh hold on......that makes it sound like I drink every night, doesn't it? Scrap that last line- I was fresh as a daisy.......ahem.

We travelled through very barren desert during this section of our road trip- and hoped (maybe even prayed) that one of our tyres didn't blow out. Halfway through our drive we pass a large sign outside a prison "DO NOT PICK UP HITCHHIKERS- PRISON AREA". I beg (--aka nag--) Jase to turn back around so I could get a picture of it- wanting to concoct a corny joke email to mum about reading the sign too late and having a hitchhiker in orange jail attire in the back- you know, very believable stuff--------- but alas, it proves too difficult. Then in turn, I prove difficult to shut up about it. It seems my annoying phase- that normally hits approx 5 hours of being in the car- has struck early this leg of the journey. Poor Jase.

We arrive in Phoenix at 3pm, still married (....only just....) and in perfect time for check in at the Palomar in downtown Phoenix.

Check in was a breeze- the staff were lovely and accommodating, offering us an upgrade to a city view room. It's definitely on the larger end of the scale for a hotel room and is fairly modern in terms of design. The bed looks large and fluffy, the bathroom very well lit and everything is spotlessly clean. Tick, tick & tick. We quickly drop our bags off and head out to see what Phoenix has to offer.

After just a few minutes of sightseeing outside, I start to wonder if down town Phoenix is like Sydney's version of North Sydney- buzzing during the week, but rather quiet and uneventful on weekends. Ok, let's just be honest- it seemed like a ghost town this particular weekend. The man at check in mentioned there was a big baseball game happening- maybe everyone was at the game? After an hour of walking around (and seeing approximately 4 people in total) we make our back to the hotel. 

We head back to the room and freshen up and make our way back down to the lobby- where the hotel serves complimentary happy hour from 5-6pm. Someone say free drinks? Out of nowhere, handfuls of people seem to appear- nothing brings people out of the woodwork like complimentary drinks! If you know me, I love a good happy hour- yeah yeah, no surprises there!

We had a good hour of mingling with guests and a good selection of beer, wine and cocktails were on offer. I grab a chardonnay to start, followed by a watermelon mojito. Both divine. Jase has his standard order of beer. We mingle- talk about things people do when they are complete strangers- notably the weather and how hot it is. Close to 40 degrees at 5pm. Whhhhhaaat you say? Yes, its blaring sun and relentless dry heat even at that time- but it's much more manageable than humid heat in the tropics- in fact, I actually enjoy it.

Would we go back to Phoenix? Sure- if there was a specific reason to pass through- we didn't dislike it by any means (it's rather pretty for a big city), but there are places I would rather go back to first. Would I recommend the hotel?- 100% yes. It was a real gem and fantastic value for money.  For a little over $100 US it included (--yes your guessed it- free drinks! )- and parking was included when you sign up to the Kimpton club loyalty program. So all in all, we really enjoyed this hotel!

For more information- visit: http://www.hotelpalomar-phoenix.com/

All photos by Belinda- www.outoftheoffice.com.au