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SWEET POTATO FRIES. Three words that make me weak at the knees and salivate like a great dane. A very attractive combination, as you can imagine.

Blue Plate does SPF's well. I mean amazingly well.  I have been dreaming of these crunchy golden morsels since we returned home from the States a few months ago, and I have tried my hardest to replicate them with absolutely no success (picture fries that droop, also picture ones that look like charcoal sticks.) Yep, apparently I have a problem finding a happy medium.

What in the world do they use to make them so unbelievably good? Angel tears? Gold dust? Have they got hold of the colonels 11 secret herbs and spices? And how do they stay piping hot and crunchy to the very last fry? What's in that aoili dip that makes it SO addictive?? I need answers!

Sooooooo if you are going to be in the Los Angeles area, I highly recommend a visit (let me rephrase that- I must FORCE YOU TO VISIT) Blue Plate in Santa Monica. And then quickly call up fedex and post me an emergency pack of fries, aoili on the side please. I'm certain they would still be crunchy & delicious 14+ hours later.

Back to the restaurant: it is a rather small unassuming "hole in the wall" type of cafe/restaurant on Montana Ave in Santa Monica. Very casual and laid back. After a quick google I quickly realise this establishment is actually an institution here in LA, frequented by the likes of Reese Witherspoon and Jennifer Garner. So I guess if it's good enough for Reese & Jen, it's good enough for me.

The menu has basic salads, soups, burgers, fries- pretty simple stuff but all done really well. Their focus is on fresh, healthy comfort food at reasonable prices.

I honestly hand on my heart don't know how you could find a better fry.

For more info on Blue Plate (and the other Blue Plate franchises) visit: http://blueplatesantamonica.com/