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When I go travelling I quite often find myself searching for the most picturesque beach,  the most tranquil lake,  the most perfect spot - always trying to trump my last destination. Which is silly really, I should just be enjoying the moment- whatever it brings. Funnily enough, sometimes the most ideal spots are just in your own backyard. Well, not literally - I wish I had those multimillion dollar views- but local gems you often overlook or forget even exist.

Just recently, my best friend and I set out to do the Mosman Bay - to Cremorne Point walk, feeling the urge to clear our heads and be amongst nature. It was one of Sydney’s most stunning days- deep blue skies, mid 20’s and a light breeze. We hadn’t done this particular walk in years- too many to count- and had forgotten just how beautiful it is.    

This foreshore track starts at Mosman Bay (just behind the rowers club- where there is plenty of parking), and finishes at Cremorne Point Wharf. The walk is approx 3kms each way. The trail winds around the most beautiful gardens, rockeries, houses, azure blue sea, a hidden lighthouse- and then BAM- just like that, you are hit with the most amazing unobstructed view of the Harbour Bridge and Opera house. It’s moments like these you realize JUST how lucky you are to live in this city. Sydney is breathtakingly beautiful, and sometimes it takes just a simple walk around the harbour to reconfirm what we already know, but often forget. Nature, exercise, sunshine, views and your best girlfriend- today couldn’t be trumped no matter how far I travelled. Although a glass of wine and a wedge of cheese on on a picnic rug would have been nice- just saying!

Mosman Rowers Club is a great spot for lunch or drinks, which is at the start (or finish- depending on what way you do the walk). www.mosmanrowers.com.au

There is also a public pool if you feel the urge for a quick dip- so bring your towel and swimmers! It's called "Macallum Pool" and has a very unique harbourside location, with an unbeatable backdrop. http://www.northsydney.nsw.gov.au/Recreation_Facilities/Places_of_Interest/Maccallum_Pool

There are 3 ferry stops along the way- Cremorne Point, Old Cremorne and Mosman Bay. Any of these will take you directly to Circular Quay in less than 15 minutes. http://www.transportnsw.info/en/index.page?

Map references for this walk are found at: Gregory’s 316 E12, Sydway 46 Q4, UBD 216 K12.

 All photos by Belinda- www.outoftheoffice.com.au