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There is something about Bali that brings out the best in me. I know I've said it before but I'm going to say it again- just call me a broken record. I'm kind of a nicer version of my normal self when I'm there. A more carefree, more romantic- and maybe even more grateful (?) person. Am I talking the Bali version of myself up a bit too much? Maybe just a tad.  But I'm definitely a happier person when I'm there that's for sure - with exception to the time I was bitten by a monkey in Ubud- I wasn't so happy then - and luckily (for everyone else) this was all caught on tape! The joy that this VHS tape (circa 1988) has brought people over the years is immeasurable. Me flapping about with a monkey stuck to my hand BITING ME. What sickos would find that funny? Oh that's right, my family.
This morning I was was looking back through my photos - no monkeys involved- trying my hardest to cull a few to make some space for new ones. I stumbled across a few of Poppies- one of our hands-down favourite restaurants in Bali. This little gem is definitely worth a visit if you are in the area.

As much as I have been very open in my distaste for Kuta, we do always make the trip in every time we visit (for two reasons- 1/ a quick shop and 2/ a bite to eat at Poppies). It's a bit of a tradition- I've been coming here for many years with my family and I introduced it to Jase on our first to Bali about 13 years ago. It's no surprise he quickly fell in love with it too. This restaurant is recommended by many tourist brochures, tours and hotels- and for good reason. It's a little oasis- a cool, peaceful courtyard covered in flowering vines, hidden behind a volcanic rock wall- that surprisingly blocks out all of the hectic activity just steps away in Kuta.

This visit Jase chose the chicken satay- which arrives on an individual terracotta burner, with homemade peanut sauce and steamed rice. I had the Mie Goreng with prawns (stir fried noodles in a sweet soy sauce with vegetables). Both dishes are excellent- I can also vouch for the vegetarian curry and pretty much all of the desserts on the menu. The beer is super cold and the lime sodas are so refreshing (albeit bitter). At night this setting is really romantic. It's also a great spot to bring kids because it caters for all tastes (ie: they can just get a sandwich or fries if that's what they feel like.)

Even if you are just in the area shopping and don't feel like a big meal, it is worth a quick visit for a drink and to recharge your batteries. Kuta certainly takes it out of you!

For more info on poppies : www.poppiesbali.com

All photos be Belinda: www.outoftheoffice.com.au