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Elmer's is an institution in Palm Springs and for good reason. It's one of the oldest original restaurants in the city and I'm sure some of the waitresses have been there since day one. It is a family diner style restaurant in the middle of Palm Springs. A large space once you enter, full of families and old friends catching up. Vintage pictures of movie stars adorn the walls and there are old fashioned booths along the parameter.


We stopped in to try the famous german pancake for afternoon tea, as we had already had lunch. Lucky we were sharing- it was HUGE! This delicious invention is genius- a thin crepe-like pancake sprinkled with powdered sugar, maple syrup, butter and lemon wedges. It seriously tastes like heaven. We saw other patrons having large salads and they look fabulous too. I can only vouch for their pancake- but its worth the trip just for that!


Old school and great! It could have been a scene from a 60's movie, with mature waitresses calling you Ma'am and Sir and giving you winks here and there- nothing was too much trouble for them. Lovely, personal service and you could tell they genuinely liked their job. There were two elderly gentleman seated behind us- the waitress knew their names and their order- I imagined they had probably been sitting at the same table for 40 years, catching up on weekly events over a good meal. I love places with history and if these walls could talk I'm sure they would have some great stories from Elmer's hey day! 


Come in for the pancake!! Come in for the old school service, reasonable prices, history- and did I mention the german pancake?

For more information: www.eatatelmers.com