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HAPPY BASTILLE DAY! It feels very fitting to be posting my review of Ladurée Paris today- très approprié !

So I shall start off by saying- admitting - I'm not a big macaron lover. I know- blasphemy I just didn't (note past tense) quite get the fascination- the ones I had tasted were sickly sweet and rather dry & uninspiring. That was until I saw the light- the delightful, French light that is- ladurée.

On a recent trip to Paris, Jase and I happened to be caught in a very heavy (yet romantic----now I think back on it from my dry home)  downpour. We found ourselves darting from one corner to the next, our feet trying to avoid the deep puddles and welcoming any shelter we could find--- under shop awnings, trees, strangers umbrellas. We settled under a cute little shop awning and decided to stay put until the rain eased- luckily soon after. Little did we know we had picked the most famous macaron shop in France (or the world?) And- like some sort of macaron miracle- there was no line

Of course it goes without saying we wandered (ie: ran) straight in and polished off 3 macarons within approximately 17 seconds. The flavours were a pretty easy pick for us - surprisingly - I take 15 minutes deciding on a toothpaste flavour week to week.

We settle on: Salted Caramel, Pistachio and Rose Petal. I'm a sucker for anything salted caramel, so that was a no brainer- Rose Petal because it was so pretty and delicate (a bit like my husband)- and the Pistachio based on the fact it’s a rather unusual flavour we don’t get to try often.  

These were NOT like any macarons I have ever had in my life. These were delicate little sandwiches of chewy yet crumbly goodness, with a flavoursome smooth filling. The salted caramel was out of this world. OUT--OF--THIS--WORLD I tell you! The perfect balance of sweet & salty. The Rose and Pistachio were also great…BUT OH GOOD LORD, THE SALTED CARAMEL.

Lucky there is a franchise in Sydney- I am definitely going to be trying their high tea soon!

For more information on Ladurée- www.laduree.com

All photos by Belinda - www.outoftheoffice.com.au