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Late last year my husband and I went on an amazing road trip around America- which almost seems like a lifetime ago now. The holiday itself on the other hand- FLEW BY (- isn't that always the way?).  For the last leg of our journey we decided to break up the long 14 hr flight home to Australia with a 3 night stop over in Fiji. Who ever says no to Fiji?  Definitely not me. Clear blue water and sunshine sounded like the ideal way to wrap up our 3 week vacation- plus as an added incentive (if we needed one)-  we would be flying BUSINESS CLASS! Ohhhh yes-  are there two better words in the English Language than Business Class? Actually......probably "First Class" // "Free Upgrade" // "Grilled Haloumi" spring to mind, but you get the picture.  Flying business class on a long haul flight is as good as slipping into loose pyjamas after wearing skinny jeans all day. Comfortable, roomy and something you NEVER regret.

We booked a sale fare directly on Fiji Airways website and we were pretty chuffed with ourselves for grabbing such a bargain.  It wasn't that much more than an economy fare- I was seriously wondering if someone made a typo when entering those rates. Like "opps- I forgot to add a zero on the end there!"  Thank you to the analyst responsible for that rate/typo (--------- and sorry if you lost your job for it too I guess).

Fiji Airways retired/replaced some of their 747s with their recently refurbished A330- 200s. The A330 feels very fresh and brand spanking new- the interior is actually my favourite style of all business class products I have experienced (in my opinion even better than the Emirates A380). They have opted for a neutral off white colour scheme which really opens things up and makes it feel very modern and bright.  The staff uniforms are traditional Fijian style tapa print- which  really sets the mood for a Fijian getaway. There are only two classes on board the A330- economy and business- the latter being very intimate with only 18 seats.

Probably the only disappointing aspect of our whole experience- but I guess in the scheme of things it's pretty minor (although I have to say, I really do love a good airport lounge). The lounge at LAX was really below average - picture 2 minute noodles, no alcohol, packets of little biscuits- no hot food. It actually felt like a school canteen- disappointing. In their defense, the staff gave us vouchers for alcohol to use at the bar downstairs in the food hall (which we did!), but it all felt very average.

Excellent- the staff all had the very laid back typical Fijian warmth.  As our flight was half empty, staff constantly checked on us and offered extra amenities, snacks, top ups etc. We got chatting to one staff member who told us if we had been on the flight one day earlier, we would have literally been sitting next to Mel Gibson- who often travels to Fiji as he owns a cattle farm there. Apparently he is very willing to have photos taken and talk with the staff and guests onboard. I was actually kind of glad he wasn't on our flight to be honest- I think I would have scared him with my bed hair and panda eyes the next morning. Either that or I would have stared at him the whole flight <----------AWKWARD.


Angled lie-flat beds, white leather, good lumbar support. These seats are very comfortable- unfortunately all they need are a couple more inches to be fully flat beds (so close, yet so far!). I often get a bit of a bad back on planes, but had no problems here at all. In fact, I managed to get 6 hours of straight sleep in them. As they are not completely flat you do sometimes find yourself slipping down occasionally, but it wasn't bothersome- just something worth noting. They are set out in a 2 x 2 x 2 configuration, the 15 inch screen is high res (not touchscreen) but has a good selection of movies to keep you entertained if you don't feel like sleeping.


We actually weren't expecting much from the food I have to admit (not sure why- maybe because food in Fiji is always a bit below average). Boy, weren't we wrong! We had some of the best food we have ever eaten on board. Chicken curry for main was incredible and the breakfast omelet was fluffy and cheesy and delicious. Coffee was good too.


I wouldn't hesitate to recommend this business class product- especially long haul from LA . Even if the fares aren't on sale, it's a really great way to complete a holiday- essentially easing your way back into reality with a relaxing stopover. We would definitely book again in a heartbeat!