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Look, I'm giving you a heads up here- this probably wont be the most enthralling post you have ever read in your life, in fact- it's probably one of the most frivolous posts ever to be written in the history of mankind. Skim past if you have better things to do (mop the floor, wash your hair, de-lint your dryer)-  basically anything that involves any brain stimulation at all. I should seriously consider getting into sales & marketing- I've sold you for sure.

As I sit here drinking my milk coffee looking out at the drizzly rain in Sydney,  my mind keeps drifting to travel. Days filled with no set routine, lots of warm sunshine, good food,  afternoons by the pool (in my mind I'm eating club sandwiches - note the plural there- with a side of fries and a glass of white wine),  wandering through big cities and just being a tourist. Shopping, laughing, carefree fun. I'm craving it more than anything these days.


Last night a random image popped into my mind: it was the look on my husband's face as he came back to his seat on our Virgin flight, bound for the States several months ago.  He had accidentally walked in on a lady in the plane's bathroom. On the toilet. In a VERY compromising/revealing position (well obviously if you are sitting on the toilet, right? ). Poor Jason was awkward for a good hour after this rather unfortunate encounter, and not much rattles him. If he could have whipped out a fake moustache, hat and glasses to go incognito, he would have. In fact, it wouldn't surprise me if he started to bring some disguises in his carry on bag from now on- it happens to him so regularly these days (imagine trying to explain that one to immigration). Then to make matters even more awkward, she turned up right beside him at the luggage carousel, unaware or simply unfazed by the whole thing (power to her I guess- I would be mortified and wouldn't have left the bathroom until the plane landed). This "unlocked bathroom door phenomenon" seems to happen to my husband very frequently, yet it hasn't happened to me once. Is it really that common that people don't lock the doors when entering a public toilet or is Jason just freakishly unlucky? I would have sworn the big lock saying "VACANT/OCCUPIED" would have been a dead giveaway, but obviously not. And I can't believe I've just written that many ^ words about a toilet lock. Hey, I warned you about this post.



Regarding my next holiday (whenever that may be ). I'm tossing up new versus old destinations. I know we should experience new places- there is something so exciting about landing in a new city you have never experienced before, broadening your horizons etc etc- but on the flip side there is a reason we return to the places we love. Ummmm....because we love them? Wow- how deep & profound- such a revelation! I guess every year we should try to experience one of each- somewhere new and somewhere old that we know we love. Is that what most people do?



Food: one of my other favourite subjects. I have switched to full fat everything. I'm now eating butter for the first time in years,  lashings of olive oil wherever possible, handfuls of raw nuts daily. Full fat milk, yoghurt, cheese. Half an avocado every other day. You name it, I'm eating it.  And the biggest miracle? No weight gain as yet. It seems strange that I can completely turn my diet around for 4 months and be exactly the same weight- I'm wondering if either a) in some cruel twist of fate, my scales are broken, or b)  the low fat food I used to eat was just jam packed with sugar, which converted to fat anyway? Either way, every time I now see a low fat  TV commerical I scoff at it like I've somehow de-bunked the biggest diet myth in the world, when in actual fact people have been trying to tell me this for years & years.


Now I'm off to have a hot shower, eat a block of sharp vintage cheese and watch a DVD in front of the heater. The simple pleasures folks, you've got no idea.


Enjoy your weekend!