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This is a picture of 2 bikes WE DID NOT RIDE. I took a photo- then contemplated riding them- but lay by the pool instead.

This is a picture of 2 bikes WE DID NOT RIDE. I took a photo- then contemplated riding them- but lay by the pool instead.

To exercise, or not to exercise on holidays? THAT IS THE QUESTION.
This is something I seriously struggle with: both writing and doing. It's probably not the most interesting topic of conversation is it? "Hey, how many minutes did YOU do on the exercise bike in the hotel gym, I got my heart rate up to blah blah blah" ....and yes- there are much bigger problems in the world. I KNOW THIS.
..... BUT---- it's something that seriously plays on my mind a lot lately. All my hard work throughout the year seems to come undone with a few extra cheeky glasses of wine and slices of pizza, whilst being the carefree globetrotter I am. With no emphasis on trotter please, I'm already feeling like a piglet.  
So it all started in Europe- isn't that always the way? - where I honestly thought I was getting a good workout seeing the many sights and that somehow I was going to be pleasantly surprised when I got back home. Seriously- is that naive? Or plain just stupidity? In my defence, we walked until our feet bled- so I genuinely thought I was pretty safe. That was, until we got to our hotel in Dubai - where I spotted the bathroom scales out of the corner of my eye, like a fat kid zooming in on a "free donut" sign at a Krispy Kreme store. And that was that BAD MOVE BELINDA. 4 kilos later, a few unjustified tears and I just had to move on and accept my new Euro muffin top- "it was worth all the good times", I justified to myself. Well...that was, until it took me 3 months to shed.
Yes- 3 months to shed 3 weeks of fun- that doesn't seem like a very fair equation does it ?

Fast forward to our latest USA trip. I made a big effort to not fall into the same trap (if you are friends with me on facebook- IGNORE the photo of the IN & Out burger I scoffed, it was my one moment of weakness. Don't judge). But I still came back heavier-  just under 2 kilos was gained. So maybe not what you would call a "muffin top"- maybe just a "friand top". 
Which brings me to my point (if you haven't fallen asleep yet ) .......- next holiday I'm contemplating hitting the tennis courts or bike trails. Or even being one of those people I normally give a sideways look of jealously to - the ones that actually pack their exercise gear and effortlessly head off to the hotel gym, incorporating it into their holiday schedule. 30 minutes, every second day surely  can't be THAT hard, can it? Or can it?
Does everyone else find it hard to motivate themselves while on holidays, or do you just forget it and deal with the muffin top when you get back home??

I'm putting my chubby little foot down. Enough is enough!