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The view as we descend into Italy! And all the wing bolts  that stayed in place - BONUS!

The view as we descend into Italy! And all the wing bolts that stayed in place- BONUS!

I am the first to admit - my husband being a very close second - that my fear of flying BUDGET airlines- is utterly ridiculous and unwarranted. No matter how many times I'm reassured (family, friends, GOOGLE) that the maintenance of all commercial jetliners- budget or not - have to pass rigorous safety checks, I still feel more confident knowing the stats.

My google history may or may not look a little like this: How many near misses- scrap that- How many actual incidents the airline in question has had // Average age of the fleet // Could a plane's wing fall off //  Was the movie” flight” based on a true story? ------- You get the drift. As they say, knowledge is scary. Or is it power? Whatever- I just feel better knowing. Luckily for me, easyJet came up clean. Nada, not an incident to speak of. All glowing reviews of a well established, highly regarded airline.

So I booked. And I saved money. And I lived to tell the tale.

EasyJet operates out of Orly - an international airport south of Paris. Our flight PARIS ---> ROME is a short 2 hour flight and is running to schedule. Just after we check in, a suspicious package is found inside the terminal (OF COURSE IT IS), that puts the airport into slight chaos- and me into a panic- but it soon resolves itself when police & airport officials discover- it's just an empty box. Awkward. We then make our way to Paul’s Patisserie for our last French buttery croissant, warm breadstick with butter & jam, 2 mochas and to talk about how our next stop is Rome- the land of Pizza. Essentially, we were Atkins dieter’s worst nightmare.


From check in staff, to onboard crew- the service we received was really helpful, friendly and professional. As this was a short uneventful flight, there was not much interaction with staff- but they all seem very willing to please customers. The only negative would be we didn’t get offered any food and drinks- after the staff forgot to serve the middle two rows. Not a big deal considering its such a short trip and it could have been easily rectified with a quick press of the service bell.


Onboard the cabin is bright, modern and reasonably spacious. We are flying the on the Airbus A319- with a 3 x 3 seat layout, which are surprisingly large and comfortable. We are seated in 10A and 10B, window and middle. The aircraft looks brand spanking new, the flight is as smooth as a babies bottom (sans nappy rash), and it's a really comfortable flight. No seat back entertainment on this flight.


In summary, I would definitely fly EasyJet again- and recommend others to fly them. From my limited research (21,336 google searches) they are by far the preferred budget airline to fly around Europe – much more so than Ryan Air.

For more information on EasyJet- visit: www.easyjet.com